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Instead of using a flat file system, like was used on the old pages,here products for sale are in the "P" folder.  Informational webpages are in the "I" folder.
So when you click on the Products link above the initial web page willhave a URL like 
In a similar manner when you click on the Information link the URL willbe like: 

Report Broken links

When the web pages were moved here there was an automated bulk move andsome links were broken.  Also Netscape Composer, used to make theweb pages changes the URL when the file is uploaded and if any locallinks are changed and the page uploaded again the changed links will bewrong (they point to the C: drive).


This is what Google calls aSite-flavored search.  The search results from this search shouldbe flavored by the content of this web site.
There's another search where I can prioritize the results by includingURLs and that allows customization, but that's for a later effort.
The old stock Google search of these pagesis still on line.

Custom Search

Changes Log on seperate page

Alphabetical List of Web Pages by htmlname

I think they are all listed.  Not in a good order, but ifsearching does not work or to just browse.  Have a look.

Recommend a web page

If you would like to see a web page that's related to what's here nowclick the link above to send email.  Not promising to make it butwill consider.

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