My name is Charles. I am a Volkswagen technician, and have been a mechanic, a grease monkey, and a car enthusiast for many years. I started this site mainly to connect with my customers in a way that I can’t in the shop. However, it’s my hope it can also serves as a community forum to share information, impart a little wisdom, and have a little fun. Let’s get started.

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Saying Goodbye to My 2005 VW Passat


How To Properly Time and Install Timing Chains on a TSI Engine

Timing chain failure is very common on 2.0t TSI engines. Both VW and Audi have both timing chain tensioner failure, and timing chain wear or stretch. In this video we will cover how to replace a timing chain on TSI engines, how to properly time a TSI/TFSI engine, how to time the TSI balance shaft […]

How To Add a Boost Gauge Display (MK7.5 Golf R + MQB)

If you want to install a boost gauge in your MQB Gti, Golf, Golf R, or other VW and Audi cars, the PolarFIS is a clean way to get tons of data displayed on the Cluster. The Polar FIS takes vehicle can-bus data and displays it on either the standard instrument cluster, or on the […]

Do Catch Cans Work?

In this video we install the Racingline Catch Can for MQB cars. This catch can install will replace the OEM PCV valve and fine oil separator. I will show you step by step how to install a catch can for most MQB VW and Audi cars. Also the Golf R catch can installation requires relocating […]

2019 Golf R best modifications

We are going on 10 months of owning the Golf R! BTW, did I tell you guys that it’s one of 13 in the US? Pretty rad to have a rare car. Would be cooler if it was 1/1 but hey I can deal HA. In the last few months I have done a bunch […]

Stage 2 Crackle Tune vs No Crackle Tune ~ Golf R

Making your exhaust pop and crackle can be achieved with out a tune. However having your car tuned for a crackle, pops and bangs is much more effective. Today we look how tuning your ECM can make the exhaust crackle, pop or bang. Tuning the ECM simply to get pops and bangs is not an […]

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