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Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

Onto Orthopedics is the home of Dr. Shawn Hayden, a leading orthopedic surgeon in the Dallas area. Our office is conveniently located in Plano, TX. Our specialists provide innovative care for spine injuries, sports injuries, joint issues, automobile injuries, and more. With advanced diagnostic technologies like ultrasound, direct radiography (DR) x-ray, Mi Eye 2, and c-arm machines at our practice, comprehensive orthopedic care is now more convenient than ever. Onto Orthopedics is continually investing in some of the latest treatment technologies. Orthopedic treatments include minimally invasive in-office procedures such as reparative solutions. As part of our personalized care, Dr. Hayden sees his patients and works in the office without extenders. We are now offering telemedicine appointments. Contact Us to learn more!

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Notice Regarding COVID-19


June, 2020:  On June 3, 2020, Governor Abbott issued an executive order outlining Phase 3 of Texas' Plan to re-open.  Details of this can be viewed here:   Our clinic will continue with our goal of attaining  best practices regarding cleaning and social distancing.

 The New Normal: ONTO Orthopedics and ONTO Motion/Orthopaedic Therapy are providing in person and telemedicine visits. Your safety is a top priority for us.  In person visits will continue to be scheduled to minimize time in the waiting room and person to person contact.  When you arrive at the clinic please call to notify our staff so that we can process your visit as quickly as possible while you wait in you your car. 

 The Question of Masks: Various government and international health agencies have issued varying recommendations regarding the use of masks while in public and while in closed spaces.  On the margin it is our view that mask use may decrease the risk of transmission of the COVID virus. While there is little evidence that the virus is readily transmissible outdoors, we encourage our patients to wear masks in the clinic.  Our staff will continue to do so.  If you cannot obtain a mask and need one,  we will attempt to provide you one when you arrive for your appointment. 


What Will Happen Upon Arrival to Our Clinic: 


  1. Your temperature will be checked prior to entering the waiting room.


Our employees will continue to wear masks during your visit.


Your will be given hand sanitizer.  (Please note that if you have not washed your hands recently, or have been in a public place or facility since last washing your hands,  please use our guest bathroom to wash them prior to entering our clinic area. )




As always, we do appreciate your patience and understanding. 


Shawn A. Hayden MD and the Clinic Staff

New E-Health Services

The Covid-19 crisis is fundamentally changing the way medical professionals provide care in the US. Numerous factors including regulatory changes, technological improvements, and more make it easier than ever to visit with and receive advice from physicians remotely. Onto Orthopedics is working diligently to get ahead of the curve and offer as many leading-edge services as possible. These improvements apply to our automobile injury treatment services as well. 


  • Telemedicine: Onto Orthopedics now offers telemedicine services through a leading medical communications provider. Contact us now to see if you qualify for a telemedicine appointment! 
  • Increased operational hours: We know that auto accidents can happen at any time of day. We're expanding our hours of operation to help serve you better. Call or text our office to learn more. 
  • Improved Practice Technology: We're upgrading our electronic health record (EHR) system to streamline patient communications and treatments. 
  • New In-Office Offerings: Onto Orthopedics is rolling out a new generation of in-office tech to improve your experience. 

Auto Injury Orthopedist in Plano, TX

According to the NHTSA, in 2015 alone over 2,400,000 people were injured in automobile accidents in the US1. In fact, automobile crashes are one of the leading causes of death in America. With statistics like these, chances are good you will eventually be involved in a collision if you drive a vehicle. But what do you do if you are injured in an auto accident? Once you have been treated for any immediate trauma injuries, where should you go for comprehensive orthopedic care? Onto Orthopedics is ready to get you on the road to recovery.

Leading Diagnostics

Onto Orthopedics is home to Dr. Shawn A. Hayden, a leading orthopedic surgeon in the Plano, TX area. Dr. Hayden specializes in joint, spine, spine and sports injuries as well as those caused by automobile accidents. If you have been injured in an car accident, our office can help provide a diagnosis with some of the latest diagnostic technologies. These include ultrasound, Mi Eye 2, Direct Radiography (DR) x-ray, and c-arm equipment. With the Mi Eye, Dr. Hayden can take a video of the interior of certain joints to help ascertain the type and extent of your injuries. 

Advanced Treatments

Dr. Hayden is also trained in some of the leading treatment and reparative procedures to improve your recovery process. These treatments include many minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures. Benefits of arthroscopy typically include a faster recovery time and smaller incision scars. Onto Orthopedics also offers in-office non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments.

Meet the Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Hayden

Dr. Shawn HaydenShawn Hayden MD, PhD, MBA

Dr. Shawn Hayden believes in providing an extremely high quality, high tech orthopedic experience for his patients. His state of the art orthopedic center is well equipped with some of the latest medical diagnostic and treatment technologies. Onto Orthopedics is always striving to innovate. Our practice also reviews some of the latest medical literature. In 2004, Dr. Hayden was a pioneer in the use of electronic medical records in north Texas. He then focused on learning new high-tech orthopedic techniques, such as robotic as well as arthroscopic surgery. These advances can promote quicker recovery periods as well as better outcomes.

Advanced Techniques and Technologies 

Dr. Hayden utilizes many advanced in-office diagnostic techniques and technologies. Our ultrasound machine provides a noninvasive way to look for damage to the inside of your joints. The orthopedic surgeon also uses the Mi Eye 2. This is a small minimally invasive camera that can capture live videos of the interiors of several joints in the comforts of the office. Our direct radiology (DR) X-ray panel provides a clearer image of possible bone damage with a lower x-ray exposure than traditional CR X-ray systems.

Personalized Treatment

Dr. Hayden, with his conservative yet comprehensive approach to patient care, works to make the patient feel comfortable right from the first appointment.  Well organized in his approach towards surgery, Dr. Hayden has handled a number of joint, sports, trauma, and spine surgeries skillfully. His treatment plan is prepared based on the individual’s specific needs and life situation, along with all available options for therapy. Dr. Hayden's reparative medicine and minimally invasive in-office solutions are often alternatives to surgery.

Unlike many orthopedic surgeons today, Dr. Hayden believes patients benefit from personalized care. Other practices have made it increasingly difficult to see their physicians by requiring new patients to see any number of assistants first.

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