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FAB is the Choice of Champions

Meat Enhancer for better BBQ
FAB makes it better!
KCBS bbq brisketKCBS bbq chicken 
KCBS pulled pork bbq KCBS bbq ribs



Remember when meat had real flavor? When chicken tasted like chicken, and beef like beef?

Modern farming techniques bring meat to market faster than ever, but those same methods have robbed meat of its flavor. FAB returns that flavor and more.

FAB users have won The Jack Daniels, American Royal and numerous regional competitions.

Whether is KCBS meats like ribs, brisket, pulled pork and chicken or your family pot-roast, FAB makes it better!

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The Ingredient Store is your source for hard-to-find ingredients. 

We specialize in sausage making supplies for barbecue, smoking and other meat preservation. Award winning marinades,cookbooks, salt petre, soy products, fresh, bulk spices, thickeners and much, much more!


Interested in making sausages?
We recommend...

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing 
by Rytek Kutas

A great gift for that special sausage maker.

How-to guides, tried and true recipes along
with hints and tips...
a must have!



George Hensler's

Startin the Fire

Everything you need to know to start your own competitive BBQ team!


Joe's Place - recipe swap discussion board - expert advice
Recipe Swap and online community
Expert recipe advice in a friendly setting.

Come visit the forum and recipe swap at Joe's Place!


Try our award winningFAB brisket marinadefor your competition brisket, FAB C for chicken and more. You'll get the most out of your meats with improved flavor and texture, without losing the natural character of the meat.

Click herefor the BBQ discussion forum and get expert advice and ideas on how to cure, smoke and cook like a pro.

Click here to shop the Meat Preservation and BBQ section of The Ingredient Store.

Build your own smokers . . . it's easy!
Click here

Everybody loves the taste of smoked or barbecued foods . . . but did you know you can do it yourself?  Wondering about BBQ smoke rings, natural curing or how to marinade? How about corned beef or curing your own bacon?


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