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Adaptive Innovation Webinar
Adaptive Innovation Webinar
Master the Science of Innovation With Jeremy Gutsche on June 30th
On June 30th, 2020 at 1 p.m. ET, Trend Hunter's CEO Jeremy Gutsche will be hosting a free Adaptive Innovation webinar. It's tempting to think of innovation as the result of random moments of inspiration or a single breakthrough idea, but relying on chance innovation isn't enough, especially in our rapidly changing world. Jeremy will teach attendees how to take a new approach to increase their likelihood of finding winning ideas.In this Adaptive...MORE
Water-Soluble CBD Concentrates
Water-Soluble CBD Concentrates
Mello Mind is Convenient to Ingest and Made Out of Two Ingredients
Mello Mind—a water-soluble CBD concentrate—is the latest innovation from the cannabis-forward brand. The product is marketed as “unlike traditional CBD tinctures” as it enables a &#...MORE
Millennial-Targeted Snack Rebrands
Millennial-Targeted Snack Rebrands
Sun-Maid Updates its Brand Imagery for Modernity & Simplicity
In an effort to appeal to young parents, the iconic snack brand Sun-Maid revamped its logo to embrace “modernity and simplicity.” The new logo debuted with a national campaign and, like...MORE
Digital Fashion Showrooms
Digital Fashion Showrooms
Diesel’s Hyperoom Introduces a New Fashion Buying Experience
The future of fashion is being rapidly reshaped by virtual fashion events, computer-generated models and immersive digital showrooms, as seen in a new 360-degree digital platform and exhibition...MORE
Offline Language Translators
Offline Language Translators
The Timekettle M2 Translator Offers Three Modes for Use
The Timekettle M2 language translator is a revolutionary new product from the brand that aims to make the process of communicating with those around you when abroad easier. The translator is...MORE
Vertical Windowsill Garden Systems
Vertical Windowsill Garden Systems
The Conceptual 'ToThem' Modular Vase System is Style-Conscious
Keeping plants indoors usually consists of several individual planters that are either positioned on a windowsill or spread across the space, which is something the conceptual ‘ToThem’...MORE
Meal Delivery Wine Samples
Meal Delivery Wine Samples
UK Deliveroo Customers Can Opt in to Receive a Free Wine Sample
Australian wine brand Treasury Wine Estates recently joined forces with Deliveroo to offer eligible UK customers a free wine sample alongside any food orders from Deliveroo Editions restaurants. The...MORE
Protective Probiotic Mists
Protective Probiotic Mists
Nourish's Face Mist Supports the Skin's Natural Defenses
Nourish London is debuting its new probiotic mist as “nature’s new skin protector,” as it is packed with not just anti-inflammatory turmeric but also minerals and anti-aging...MORE
Next-Gen Video Displays
Next-Gen Video Displays
Sony's Eye-Sensing Light Field Display Shares Engaging Video Experiences
Sony Electronics recently accepted the 2020 Future Best of Show InfoComm Special Edition Award by AV Technology for its innovative Eye-Sensing Light Field Display, which introduces the next...MORE
Dome Safety
Brands are implementing dome-shaped designs to address safety concerns amid COVID-19
Trend - In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a necessity to slow the spread of the virus. As a result, brands are implementing clear geodesic domes to provide services to consumers, including using the design for live concerts, outdoor dining experiences, and hot yoga classes.
Workshop Question - How can your brand re-imagine its services to prioritize safety?
Millennial-Target Laundry App Ads
Millennial-Target Laundry App Ads
Laundrapp Aims to Reach Millennial Parents with Hassle-Free Ad
Laundrapp, the on-demand laundry app, recently debuted a new online campaign targetting Millennial parents during lockdown. The vibrant and humorous campaign was produced by Manchester-based digital...MORE
Space-Inspired Perfumes
Space-Inspired Perfumes
Eau de Space is a NASA-Developed Scent Capturing the Smell of Space
Eau de Space is a unique fragrance that is designed to capture the unique scent expeirence of outer space. Although the average person likely hasn’t given much thought to what space smells like,...MORE
Collapsible Origami Hydration Containers
Collapsible Origami Hydration Containers
The DiFOLD 'Origami Bottle' Folds Down for Easy Storage
Reusable water bottles have become essential as consumers shift away from single-use alternatives but are often characterized by their clunky design, which is something the DiFOLD ‘Origami...MORE
Enameled Cast-Iron Farmhouse Sinks
Enameled Cast-Iron Farmhouse Sinks
The KOHLER Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Sink is Chic
The KOHLER Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Sink is a rustic, style-conscious fixture for the kitchen that will provide chefs with a chic way to wash up after preparing meals. The sink draws...MORE
Demure Dual-Battery Mopeds
Demure Dual-Battery Mopeds
The Conceptual Puch e-Maxi Moped Delivers a Modern Riding Experience
The conceptual Puch e-Maxi moped has been designed by Christoph Sokol as a modern transportation solution that draws inspiration from the bike from the 1970s to provide riders of today with an...MORE
play_circle_filledUnderstanding the Meaning of Anti-Racism
Understanding the Meaning of Anti-Racism
Ibram X. Kendi Explains What It Means to Be Anti-Racist
TED facilitated a conversation with Ibram X. Kendi, with the author and historian speaking to the difference between being “not racist” and anti-racist. The conversation, which spans...MORE
Next-Gen Virtual Fashion Shops
Next-Gen Virtual Fashion Shops
The Yeezy Supply Site Offers a New Vision for Online Shopping
More or less, most shopping sites follow the same basic format, which relies on scrolling or filtering through products to discover new items—and Yeezy Supply introduces an online experience that...MORE
Adapting to Digital
Adapting to Digital
An Interview with Lauralee Sheehan, Founder and CCO of Digital55
The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the restrictions that have been imposed by governments to contain the outbreak, have dealt much disruption into almost all spheres of life—from how we socialize...MORE
Reimagined Next-Gen Gaming Consoles
Reimagined Next-Gen Gaming Consoles
This PS5 Concept Console by Alexandre Touguet is Stylish
This PS5 concept console has been designed by Alexandre Touguet as a reimagining of the next-gen Sony-branded system that helps to infuse an organic touch into it. The video game console has a fluid...MORE
play_circle_filledPlayer-Celebrating Game Campaigns
Player-Celebrating Game Campaigns
UNO's #unowhoyouare Celebrates Four Unique Types of Players
With its new digital campaign, #unowhoyouare, UNO is recognizing four unique player personalities: Victory Dancers, Dodgy Dealers, Sore Losers and Make Your Own Rules. The social-first campaign...MORE
play_circle_filledVirtual Cycling Tours
Virtual Cycling Tours
Professional Cyclists Will Be Competing in a Virtual Tour De France
All sorts of live events have been postponed or flat-out cancelled in 2020 but many are being reimagined as immersive online experiences, including a virtual Tour de France. Usually, the...MORE
Globally Inspired Taco Kits
Globally Inspired Taco Kits
Old El Paso's Taco Kits Introduce Caribbean, Japanese & Korean Flavors
Old El Paso is introducing a new way for people to experience its DIY taco kits with an infusion of globally inspired flavors. According to the brand, the new offerings put a global take on the...MORE
Wraparound Reading Glasses
Wraparound Reading Glasses
EyeWris' Flexible Eyewear Design Comfortable Wraps Around the Wrist
The founder and creator of Gorilla Glue is introducing a new flexible eyewear innovation called EyeWris that has the potential to keep people from constantly misplacing their reading glasses. The...MORE
In-Car Pizza Deliveries
In-Car Pizza Deliveries
Domino's Carside Delivery is a New Contactless Carryout Option
Although there were some businesses exploring in-car delivery services before the global pandemic hit, the way people order and pick up food is changing and making room for more services like Domino&#...MORE
Open-Concept Organization Desks
Open-Concept Organization Desks
The 'Olly Desk' by Pavel Vetrov Offers Ample Space for Essentials
Desks with drawers and ample storage are great for organization but often have a large design that takes up large amounts of space in an office, so the ‘Olly Desk’ is positioned as an...MORE
S'mores Protein Bars
ONE Brands' Limited-Edition Summer Bar Features Campfire Flavors
ONE Brands is introducing its first-ever limited-edition ONE S’mores flavor and it’s being launched as a summer flavor that can be enjoyed everywhere from a “socially distanced...MORE