Take microservices to the board

Microservices are a revolutionary technology that deserve a discussion at your next board meeting.

How to bake a connected water network

During lockdown you may have learned how to bake, or at least sharpened your latent cooking skills. You have seen that if...

Why IoT is like rugby

Why is the Internet of Things like rugby? Because, in both, it is important to train, learn and evolve.

Help for oil & gas: 5G and IoT

By embracing 5G and IoT, Middle East and Africa oil and gas producers ensure they can stay competitive.

A wake-up call for the business world

The shutdown of offices, retail outlets and other businesses around the world has been an inevitable consequence of a human...

What could be better than free?

Who loves a free software trial? You programmers, integration specialists and business “citizen developers,” that’s who.

webMethods AppMesh: A brilliant idea

A couple years ago at Software AG we started holding “tech interrupts,” time set aside for product engineers to immerse...

Five Best Practices to guide B2B Integration

At some point when implementing new B2B Integration software you will wrestle with the yin and yang between your new...

Process management trends 2020: Midyear update

Any predictions from the beginning of 2020 have been upended by the current pandemic.

Make your next IoT project successful

How can you ensure that your next Internet of Things project does not go down the drain?


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