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BNP(Bangladeshi Natural Products) is dedicated to inform information's on natural productsof Bangladesh.

Actually health conscious peoples are always looking fornatural products but now a days it is very difficult to get natural products.Everywhere is impurity and industrially processed products which are definitelypure but not natural.

We believe or say natural products are very much effectivefood for our health system. Though producing natural product is expensive butit is fresh if it produces under hygienic natural environment.

Man kinds staple food is water (sprinkle, river , rain andunderground), grains/cereals (Wheat, rice , maze) and edible oil ( vegetableand fat).

If any one of above food is unnatural and manufactured forlong time storage is not ultimate good for health. Because sometime essentialingredients, minerals and vitamins decomposed or lost during process.

Some doctor say's natural foods are not always hygienic(e.g. Honey contains some toxic content which should extract out and then tointake, but here we believe that nature makes everything with balance and cannotbe malfunctioning, because in human body there are thousands of toxic chemicalsto digest or to build or to keep body balance perfectly, in this case should wego for toxic extraction or to keep for balancing to system?).


Nature alwaysprotects equilibrium and artificial is always destructive to nature and evenmankind. It should be mentioned here that there are lot of natural food(fruit, cereals,vegetable) identified by mankind (e.g. arsenic water,)which should strictlyprohibited as natural foods of mankind.

"Natural food makes a man quiet, sound, strong etc.etc. and artificial or unnatural food makes a man arrogant, restless, etc.etc." How do you will realize this sentence? Positive or vague, just feelwith real life using natural food.

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