Inclement Weather Policy

If Henrico County schools are closed, there will be no James River Woodcarvers activities held. Thursday carving will resume the following week, weather permitting. If a Thursday night meeting is canceled, any scheduled business will be discussed at the next month's meeting and any planned projects will be rescheduled. The safety and well being of our club members comes first and those that survive bad weather live to carve another day.
JRWC Competition Postponed
James River Woodcarvers



Club members meet every Thursday from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Woodcraft store for open, group carving. This weekly carving event is open to all. Carvers work on projects of their choosing and with so much talent in the room it is a good place to ask for advice. Thursday Evening Business Meetings and Projects are held on the first Thursday of each month at Woodcraft.The business meetings begin at 6:00pm followed by a carving project.Bring in your recent woodcarvings for show and tell.The Thursday carving project begins right after the business meeting.Projects are usually conducted by club members who give step by step instructions.Projects vary each month and there is usually a minimal cost associated with the project.Registration is necessary for all projects in order to ensure there are enough wood blanks and space for all.Membership InformationDownload JRWC Membership ApplicationFor more information on joining JRWC, send an email to Sign up for our electronic newsletter and other notification. Note: Safety gloves and thumb guards are required to participate in club workshops.
James River Woodcarvers
LocationWoodcraft Store9862 West Broad Street (Rt. 250)Richmond (Glen Allen), VAPhone: 804-355-3945
Meetings and Woodcarving ProjectsWhen: First Thursday of Each Month at 6:00 pmUpcoming projects and meetings will be announced in the monthly newsletter.For more information about these events, select the button below.
Event DetailsEvent Details
Keep On Carving
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